Kap refusing to stand for anthem.

Recently a lot of discussion has occurred regarding racism in the U.S. I believe that racism is taught at an early age. As a white male who has lived in several major cities I have experienced first hand the problems walking while white  can cause. I also was a gang member in my youth and if you were not white, you entered our area at your own peril. It took years of self examination an work to change who I was. We all need to take a good hard look at ourselves in the mirror. We were all created in God’s image and need to understand that. Each and every life is extremely important. I feel that if you can’t bring yourself to understand this very basic tenant of our existence, than Woody Allen was right that we are only here to suffer and die. Each of us needs to do our very best to overcome the decisiveness actions like C.K’s have only made worse. It only comes across as disrespect to others and any larger point he may be trying to articulate gets lost in the noise. Can we all, as proud Americans work to re establish our respect for human life, please, before it is too late?




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