Seahawks get in on the act

It appears that numerous players want to get in on Kap's act. All of this is truly disheartening. With all it,s faults, the United States is still the best country to be born and raised in, regardless of one's race. 
Over the course of our history have we made huge unspeakable errors, sure. However we cannot rewrite history, hopefully learn from it. My personal goal of changing the type of person I was has taken the last 30 years of my life and I still have faults needing a lot of work.
 My point being true change takes time and considerable effort. Instead of divisive actions such as Kap's, wouldn't we all be better served as God created us, in His image. Aren't all of us created as equally beautiful in God's sight? Many will scoff at my reference to our Creator, and that's fine with me. 
II feel that things will not get better for any of us as long we concentrate more on name calling and belittling each other. Each community, black, white, Asian, etc. need to look at our own faults before we point our fingers at the faults of someone else.

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